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Student care/Tuition Centres

PlayFACTO school @ Jurong West is situated at Jurong Spring CC. #03-02.

The proximity to the school is a great blessing for busy parents who need professional care for their young ones before and after school. Please click on the picture for more details.

Members of the association will be able to enjoy:

1. 50% registration fee for premium Student Care or PlayFACTO STEAM Enrichment Programmes (UP $80).

2. $25 off premium PlayFACTO Student Care monthly fees (1st 6 months only).

3. $25 off monthly transportation fees (for Centre to Home drop-off) (1st year only).

4. $100 off for any PlayFACTO STEAM Enrichment Programmes if sign up together with our premium Student Care (1st term only).

5. For non-student care student, S150 off for any of PlayFACTO STEAM Enrichment Programmes from public rate (UP $900 per 12 lessons).

*Terms and conditions apply for the use of PlayFACTO vouchers.

Rulang Primary School Alumni Association Membership Card is to be presented for verification during registration at the centre.


*Above discounts are only available at Jurong West branch*

With effect from 31 Dec 2021.

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