Full Membership

Membership Fee

$350 (Life Time)


The membership fees go towards the operation of the association.

All collected amounts will go towards the various awards, sponsorships, and scholarships we provide to the school and students.

Waiver of membership fee will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please contact us directly at secretary@rulangalumni.org for further clarification.


All past students of Rulang Primary School (previously known as Joo Long School and Joo Long Public School) and above 18 years of age are eligible for Full membership.

Full Membership

Full membership allows you to:


  1. voting rights of amendments and addition of the association's policy and direction

  2. participate in activities organised by the association

  3. usage of the sports facilities in the school premises during our monthly gathering

  4. get the first-hand update on school activities and directions

  5. discounts on courses and services for you and your immediate family


Before we issue you with the full membership card, you will need to complete the following:


  1. Attend a "get to know us" session, in person.
    The purpose of this session is for you to ask us any questions that you may have regarding the school, association, or the registration process, and also for us to get to know you better.

  2. Complete the Compulsory Community Service (CCS) during

    • our annual CNY Reunion Dinner preparation and performance (this is compulsory)

    • and either 2 (two) of the following events:

      • Alumni AGM (usually 2Q)

      • Dragon Boat Festival

      • Mid-Autumn Festival

      • School lead activities



please refer to our FAQ for more information

To apply

We only accept applications via our website as of 2018.


- click on the button below, or head over here to apply online

- follow the instructions at the end of the online application to complete the application


important notice:

1. please have a scanned copy or a photo of your report book, or school leaving certificate, ready to be uploaded at the end of the application form.


2. you will also need to pay for the membership fee via bank transfer or PayNow QR code during the application process. Please use your NRIC number as the reference for our easy referencing.

3. We will contact you to arrange for the "get to know us" session within 2 months from your submission of the application.






Primary 1 Phase 2A(1) registration

To be eligible for the Primary 1 Phase 2A(1) registration, you will need to be a full member of the association at least one year before the 30th of June of the year when your child needs to be registered.


This is a regulation by the Ministry of Education and is neither under the jurisdiction of the school, nor the association.



If your child needs to be registered in 2021 (to begin school in 2022), you will need to be a full member of the association before 30th June 2020.

please refer to our FAQ for more information