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Youth Wing

Rulang Youth Alumni

The Rulang Youth Alumni (RYA) aims for  Rulang graduates to remain connected  with their alma mater even after they have left RPS. We believe that Rulang graduates have much to contribute to the Rulang community, and would also greatly benefit from staying in touch with their former schoolmates.

Rulang Alumni Executive Members are dedicated to reach out and engage RYA members to sustain and strengthen the ties with their former schoolmates in Rulang as well as with stakeholders in the school community.

Membership Fee

$10 (one time payment)


You will be invited to convert your RYA membership to full membership when you reach the age of 21.

RYA members will enjoy a $50 discount off full membership fee when they convert to full membership.


To become a member of Rulang Youth Alumni, you will have to be a graduate from Rulang Primary School and be between 13 – 21 years old at the point of registration.

If you are below 18 years old, you will need to get the consent from your parents/guardian.

Youth Membership

As a RYA member, you will have opportunities* to:


  1. participate in activities organised by the ALumni Association and school (e.g. CNY celebrations and ALumni gatherings)

  2. Propose activities to stay connected with the school (e.g. organizing Teacher's Day appreciation items, proposing workshops that would benefit the current students)

  3. be selected as mentors for current sudents/CCA leaders

  4. participate in school-community activities (e.g. Values in Action programmes)

*Note that all opportunities will be on a voluntary basis, and RYA members will decide what they might be most interested in.

The Rulang Youth Alumni membership will cease on 31 December of the year when a member is 21 years old or when converted to lifetime membership.


Application for the Rulang Primary School Alumni Association Youth Wing is now open!



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